Hacienda tranquila

“Nature is not protected with words or promises, but with acts. It’s time to act, not to watch.”

We at Hacienda Tranquila welcome everyone who seeks a soothing experience of life at a slower pace. We offer a variety of ways to explore  the many facets that make up this multi dimensional project including: farming, endemic species reforestation, invasive species control, endangered Petrel sea birds research, endemic Scalesia tree preservation, grass fed cattle ranching, and climate change monitoring in partnership with the Galapagos Science Center. Visit us and join our network of volunteers that help us conserve our island.

We are committed to preserving this land for generations to come. We protect our diverse ecosystem – the agricultural and the natural surroundings. We conserve the soil through agroecology. We collect rainwater. Agricultural production is closely linked to conservation, each supporting the other. If one harms the other then neither of them will be sustainable. We have established regenerative areas within our hacienda where nature is allowed to continue to thrive, unhindered, and untouched. At present we are working on restoring various habitats. The diversity of the hacienda is our best asset. Within our 121 acres we have dramatic differences in topography. We have adapted to this by dedicating different zones to a variety of uses. We have zones for our organic garden and for our cattle, goats and chickens. We have reforestation zones, including the endangered Scalesia forest, and those left alone for regeneration after the removal of invasive species. The meteorological stations, provided in cooperation with the Galapagos Science Center, record valuable data to help us better understand the impact of climate change on our land. Other zones are dedicated to preserving and protecting endangered birds such as the Galapagos Petrels.

Hacienda Tranquila
Hacienda Tranquila 2

In addition to the over four hundred plus orange trees that we found here, we  are cultivating more than five species of bananas, star fruit, pineapple, passion fruit, coffee, tuber, papayas, citrus fruit, and many other crops. Depending on the season, in total we have more than 30 species of fruits and vegetables in our organic garden. We produce for our own needs, for visitors, and more recently we have been able to share with the local population, especially during the difficult times of the pandemic. We continue to experiment and learn.

Certain parts of our Hacienda are what we refer to as regeneration areas, which were previously cultivated. Due to their location within our farm we have decided not to use them, allowing for secondary succession of the tropical dry forest. These areas allow us to witness the new growth and the colonization of these areas by pioneer species of plants, trees and birds. Pioneer species are responsible for creating the right conditions of humidity, temperature, and fertility for the other species to follow. Present and future generations will delight in observing these areas as they become natural forests once again.


Hacienda Tranquila

Is a small organization located on San Cristobal Island, Galapagos that has already received recognition from Municipality of San Cristobal, Galapagos National Park & Ministry of Tourism for its unique approach to socio-environmental improvement and learning volunteering.



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