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“Nature is not protected with words or promises, but with acts. It’s time to act, not to watch.”

What Is Hacienda Tranquila?

Hacienda Tranquila is a multidimensional volunteer program with proven results that has provided positive life changing experiences for both volunteers and local residents. Hacienda Tranquila is recognized internationally as the leading organization for people seeking affordable, and potentially life changing, volunteer opportunities on the Galapagos Islands. We recognize the importance of conserving the natural wonder that is the Galapagos, and understand the social, economic, and environmental impact that both visitors and locals can have on this fragile ecosystem. We strive to be a force for good, producing positive results, while providing a platform for rich cross cultural experiences for all.

Hacienda Tranquila
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Ours is not a project that tries to take advantage of the energy and enthusiasm of our participants, having them toil from dawn to dusk in sugar cane fields.  Instead we encourage that energy to be directed constructively and joyfully into a broad range of activities such as environmental conservation, community service and social programs.

On the green side, there is environmental and conservation work, organic nursery maintenance, cattle and horse care, tree planting and maintenance, seed germination, tending the giant tortoises, species collecting, and cooperation with the Science Department of the university on a multitude of projects.


Galapagos ProJect

Hacienda Tranquila’s mission is to work toward improving the environmental and social conditions of the Galapagos. Our volunteers translate this mission into action


Hacienda Tranquila

Is a small organization located on San Cristobal Island, Galapagos that has already received recognition from Municipality of San Cristobal, Galapagos National Park & Ministry of Tourism for its unique approach to socio-environmental improvement and learning volunteering.



Children Helped

Hectares Reforested

Community Service

Service is where we provide our labor force in aid of whatever needs the farming community has prioritized. These contributions are extremely diverse, and are dependent on the immediate needs of the community. One day we may assist a widow in putting in a foundation for her new home, another we might collect chicken droppings for a community compost pit, another we thresh corn or sugar cane, or pick fruit and vegetables where help is needed. Our first major community project was a multi year effort to bury a secondary water pipe from the spring that provides water for the farming community of twenty-five families.

Hacienda Tranquila

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