Our staff is what really sets us apart. The leadership and vision provided by our manager, Geovanny. The depth of knowledge and experience in ranching and farming of Alfredo. The magnetic personality of our volunteer coordinator, Pepe. These all combine to provide an environment that has a sound sense of purpose, based on deep knowledge and experience, in a fun and loving atmosphere. The testimonies of our volunteers over the last fifteen years, provide proof that this is an unbeatable combination.

David Essoyan

A United States citizen raised in Asia and the Middle East, David followed his foreign corespondent father wherever the Associated Press sent them. Ending up in Japan at age sixteen, he spent a total of twenty five years learning the culture, language and martial arts there. Finally moved to  live in the United States for the first time at the age of thirty six.  Recently retired from a 32 year career trading Asian equities, but a simple farmer at heart, David now tends the  orchard of fruit trees left to him by his father on the north shore of Oahu. He established Hacienda Tranquila S.A. in 2004 and purchased the 121 acre cattle ranch at that time. Casa Verde in town was acquired the following year as a base of operations.


Jose «Pepe» is native to San Cristobal Island.  The youngest of 12 children, Pepe is known in the community as a positive and caring person that always has a smile to share.  Over the years he has received several trainings in agro-ecology, horse care, organic agriculture, first aid and cooking. Pepe has worked with HTSA since 2014, and currently he is our volunteer coordinator. He loves to work with our visitors who share his passion for conservation and community development. 

Geovanny Sarigu

Hacienda Tranquila S.A. Partner and General Manager, Geovanny oversees the office and properties. Born in Pelileo, Ecuador of an Italian father and indigenous mother, he moved to San Cristobal at age twelve.  He has worked in sustainable tourism and social work for fifteen years. In addition to being a certified Surf Guide by the Galapagos National Park, Geovanny has also received vocational training in project management, sustainable tourism, and outdoor education, from the University of Indiana in the U.S. In 2014, in recognition of his contributions to the local cattle industry, Geovanny became the first representative from the Galapagos to be invited to join the National Cattle Association of Ecuador, and was awarded a Golden Button from that organization the following year. Geovanny blends his positivity and natural leadership abilities, with a sharp and forward looking strategic sensibility. Above all else, he is committed to preserving the fragile ecosystem that he calls home.

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