Hacienda Tranquila offers an amazing opportunity to connect with the land, the local community, and one another. Our creative, practical activities provide the medium for memorable experiences, that many times shape participants’ lives.


There is nothing better than nourishing your body and soul with organic food produced on the Hacienda’s fertile land. Help us in the garden and animal husbandry activities to get to know the domestic flora and fauna, while learning about our sustainable and humane methods.

Cooking Classes

Once you have helped in the garden, you will surely be curious to know what dishes the families in the highlands of San Cristobal make with all of these delicious inputs. Our local cooks love to share their creative recipes: healthy, wholesome and colorful plates that you can recreate with family and friends back home.

Coffee Tasting

What does San Cristobal Island coffee taste like? Our friends at the local Ranti fair trade coffee association love to share their knowledge and help you explore the subtle flavors of this locally produced bean

Endemic Species Reforestation

We are the first ranch on San Cristobal t o create a private reserve for endemic plant species that provide habitat for endemic fauna. We plant endemic daisy trees (Scalesia pedunculata) and endemic Darwin’s Lecocarpus bushes (Lecocarpus darwinii) to help recuperate their populations and elevate them out of their current IUCN “endangered” status.

Invasive Species Control

The Galapagos National Park Service recognizes invasive species as the greatest threat to conservation in the islands. The best way to manage invasive plant species is through manual removal, usually with machetes.

Endangered Petrel sea bird and climate change research

Hacienda Tranquila partners with the Galapagos Science Center to support conservation science. Walk with us around the paths of our 121 acre ranch to see the different sites where scientists are collecting data.


Hacienda Tranquila lives up to its name. Resting in our hammocks after one of your activities allows you to experience the tranquility of the land. Come to one of our yoga sessions at our look-out point, and you can retain the tranquility in your mind to recall anytime you desire back home.


Want to learn a bit about each activity but short on time? Our staff can tailor a tour to your group’s interests.

We also allow group leaders to use our facilities for short-term activities, such as classes, lectures, and workshops. Please contact us for more information.

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